I made three aluminum deep trays of these for the cousin reunion.  They were delicious!

This recipe can be divided and reduced, should you wish to make it for one meal….

4 quarts of good tomato sauce ( I use Mezzetti’s roasted garlic)

4 large onions chopped

6 jumbo eggs

2 c. finely grated grano padano or parmesan

6 lb meat (veal pork beef combination)

4 c. partially cooked arborio rice

3 T Cantazano Herbs (optional) Purchased at Savory Spice shop in Charlotte, NC

3 heads of cabbage

Saute onions and cool.  Mix meat onions eggs and cheese add salt and pepper and cantazano herbs then mix in cooled partially cooked arborio rice

In a large stock pot, insert heads of cabbage that have had cores removed.  As the cabbage boils, remove leaves with tongs.  Plunge into ice bath to keep color.  Drain on paper towel

Remove tough portion in center of cabbage leaf.  Fill and roll each folding in ends.  Place in a pan that has some sauce at the bottom.  When the pan is filled, pour rest of sauce on top.

Bake covered with aluminum foil for 2 hours at 300.  Let rest before serving.