This dish is always a winner at my dinner parties.   Here’s the recipe


Sirloin, slightly marbled cut as thin as possible then pounded thinner


Dip each piece of sirloin into a mix of beaten egg and olive oil then

bread with 1/2 panko and 1/2 regular Italian seasoned breadcrumbs and Grano Padano grated cheese (2 c. breadcrumbs to 1/2 cheese)

lay out on wax paper

on each piece of meat, lay a piece of provolone cheese and then a layer of smoked prosciutto (Speck) 


Roll up each piece into a small roll and skewer two rolls onto two or three wooden skewers.


Cut through the rolls in between the skewers to show the pinwheel.  See the picture.


Put on a foil lined cookie sheet and when ready to bake, heat the oven to 450…bake for 5 minutes then switch to broil.  Depending on thickness, about 5 minutes each side.   Bon Appetito!IMG_5159