Who doesn’t love this time of year?  Perfect temperatures, no humidity here, yet, and enjoyable gardening.   The nurseries are full of new varieties and colors.   Here is Monet’s palate in our little space.  Still a work in progress.  The swiss chard grew all winter and we are enjoying it every day!



  1. Scotch Broom in yellow, the ajuga in blue looks like a river running through the garden.
  2. Cuphea
  3. Bridal Veil Viburnum
  4. Liberty holly FIG Negrone, mock orange and a foxglove that came up from last year
  5. Yellow scotch broom and all the potted flowers returned from last year too….what a bonus!
  6. Splurge…becoming a favorite for cutting and also returned!
  7. Dasia, snap dragons



IMG_5869 IMG_5867 IMG_5865 IMG_5860 IMG_5858 IMG_5857