I returned home from school when I was a child and immediately went to the basement of my parents’ home where a school room was set up and began to teach my friends. I loved school and loved that schoolroom. I became a teacher. I taught German and Spanish in three states, most of those years in Michigan. In 2013, still what I considered to be at the “top of my game” I retired. I believe I am the happiest retired teacher in the world. I used to tell my students I was the richest person they would ever met. They looked at me with dismay, “you’re a teacher!” Yes, I was. I could hardly wait to get to school in the morning and at then at 3:00 PM, I could hardly wait to get home to my life there. That is what made me rich. Some of my students got it!

Having the gift of time to enjoy a morning exercise program including walking, cycling, Pilates, yoga; time to enjoy a meal from preparation to consumption and time to pursue my hobbies from start to finish is what I worked so diligently for those many years.

Foreign languages were my passion and the required travel that kept my languages current and relevant became a passion as well. I loved to teach German and Spanish and kept the classroom alive with my recent trips, with and without my students. As I evolved out of the classroom, my passion for design and architecture led me to yet another course of study in Residential Design in Charlotte, NC. I opened my business in 2008. MSZ Designs, LLC This transition from teacher to designer is a conduit to the world that I love to be in, that of a residential designer. I designed my own kitchen, bathroom, fireplace and laundry/pantry area and am pleased with the spaces and finishes. I enjoy helping people arrange their living spaces for the best use of space with finishes that they enjoy. When someone tells me that I have made his or her house a home, my job is complete.

Always being a sewist, I have recently enjoyed quilting. I wouldn’t consider myself a quilter, but I have made a quilt. I used to make all my clothes, but now my home decoration is more of my interest at the sewing machine. I dabble in painting, watercolor, paper crafts and love spending time in my studio. As I mentioned earlier, having the time for cooking is a love of mine. With my husband, Dan we have a raised bed garden where we grow vegetables year round. Those take center place in any meal we prepare. Together we love to entertain and create meals that are not only nutritious, but also great tasting for friends.

I lack sufficient words to express the joy of owning our dog, Harriet. She entered our lives as a 7-week old puppy in 2008 and our laughter became greater, smiles wider and life richer. She is a standard Australian Labradoodle. She has become a therapy dog and currently works at the Ronald McDonald house in Charlotte. She goes everywhere with us, everywhere! We have traveled to Michigan several times, we frequently go to the mountains to hike waterfalls in NC. Last summer a trip to the Finger Lakes in NY and even attending the Mackenzie Childs Barn Sale, an annual event in Aurora, NY. She was on their webpage as she became friends with the shoppers and those, like myself, who are addicted to this line of colorful, highly decorated ceramics. In the Outer Banks, she was actually served at a restaurant. “Turkey or beef?” the waitress asked me. Well, I hadn’t had time to look at the menu. “Oh, I meant for the dog,” she continued.   She was welcome at art fairs and even on our tour of the home at Monticello. Harriet is often a requested guest, when we visit friends.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog, “Morning Inspirations” where I highlight from time to time what I find beautiful in the world.

Finally, writing two books has been a personal accomplishment for me Trixie’s diner: my journey for caring for the terminally ill at home was a book I wrote to comfort those who performed the daunting task of caring for the elderly and or infirmed. It has fulfilled it’s purpose from readers comments I have received.   As a teacher, I wrote my second book from years of experience. 99 Things a Student needs to Learn before graduating from High School is an account of needed knowledge to live comfortably in the world. These things are not taught, nor do I think they should be, as much as they need to be learned. It is an essential handbook and could span ages from the middle school years well into college! Please read more about them under books.

Thank you for visiting my website. I look forward to hearing from you in the comments sections.