99 Things a Student Needs to Learn Before Graduating from High School

Public education, private education and homeschooling will all provide excellent bricks for a great educational foundation, but there will always be gaps that students will need to fill on their own in order to be a successfully educated, well rounded and confident in personal behaviors and etiquette in all situations. These 99 things have been deduced through years of experience in the classroom and finding the answers for and with her students along the way. Mary Stefano, in her second book, finds the list a great foundation for learning points that would make any high school graduate a more confident, poised individual.







TrixiesTrixie’s Diner

My Story of Caring For the Terminally Ill At Home

Developing an attitude of survival while caring for terminally ill loved ones is the meaning behind the words Trixie’s Diner. This book is a spiritual journey of caring for my parents as I searched for my purpose in the everyday events of life. Humor mixes in with tears as the journey takes place over the course of five years.