Lace Cap Hydrangeas

What a fabulous year for hydrangeas in SC.  I am enjoying the lace caps so much.  I brought several bouquets in, but mashed together in a vase, one cannot see their beauty.  I used my favorite pedestal bowl and inserted a heavy metal frog in a glass...

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Argentinian beef empanadas

We were recently in Sedona AZ at Lisa Dahl's restaurant, Mariposa.  We had the most amazing beef empanadas with chimichurri sauce.  I used this recipe and  came pretty close.   1 lb. ground beef browned 1 sweet onion chopped finely sauted 1tsp...

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My art quilt

I was inspired to start quilting at a class I took at the AQS by Michelle, the peaceful quilter. I completed my first art quilt which I have titled, "a study on grey". It has been fun. This quilt uses 2.5" squares of batiks red and orange pieced into a gradation of...

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When it snows I South Carolina, it is pretty exciting. It doesn't last long usually and the city shuts down. Kind of nice. Our Harriet enjoyed the walks in the snow, especially with her buddy, Dublin....

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